30th Anniversary Tour 2022 // 11 years Gretchen
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Today we have two birthdays to celebrate: Dj Krush is on his way to celebrate his 30th anniversary as a solo artist on a world tour and our Gretchen turns 11. Since we have a long history together, it was immediately clear that this would work together and we invited him.

DJ Krush: DJ legend from Japan. Inspired, fascinated and motivated by the legendary "Wild Style" film from 1983, the Japanese Hideaki Ishii aka DJ Krush won several DJ contests in the clubs of Tokyo before he founded the perhaps best Japanese hip hop crew "Krush Posse" in 1987 and acted there as backup DJ. Since 1992 he has been working on solo projects and released his debut album "Krush" in 1994. His second solo album "Strictly Turntablized" was released on the London Mo Wax label and landed in the indie charts of the renowned NME. The label from London was the thing of the moment at the time and stood for dark, smoky hip hop beats and jazzy samples like no other. Alongside label colleague DJ Shadow, he was hyped as the godfather of trip hop in 1995 and is considered one of the pioneers of turntablism. He describes his music as a samurai sword whose blades reflect the different aspects of life. After three more albums on Mo Wax, he switched to the major label Sony. The visual-visual elements and instrumentation of his sound, which seems to become more minimalist and atmospheric from album to album, stimulate the imagination of his listeners and can be far more seductive and consensual than words. DJ Krush's style cannot be pigeonholed, as he gives his sound a different touch on each album. But he never seems to forget his origins: the classical Japanese melodies are always at least as present in his tracks as influences from jazz and soul. After taking eleven years until the album "Butterfly Effect" (2015), he turns the wheel and the turntables again in 2017 with "Kiseki". On the current, rather cinematic album "Cosmic Yard", Krush dispenses entirely with vocals or raps and relies on naturalistic sounds, a lot of dub, but also jazz and orchestral samples. His productions sound like extended DJ sets in which the turntable magician uses the two turntables and the mixing desk like live instruments and exploits their sound possibilities to the full. Today he is with us at Gretchen together with our residents Marc Hype and Delfonic. A true DJ legend from the land of the rising sun who should be experienced live.
Fri 07.10.2022   Berlin
Minimum age 18 years. No exceptions!
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